Learn in Japan

Nail technician for studying abroad

This is a course that you can study nail technique in Japan.

Do you want to be a nail technician can be success all over the world by learn Japanese sensitive high quality nail techniques?

Gel nail, Gel extension, Gel nail art, 3D art, Air brush, Acrylic sculpture, Flat art etc.. you can learn various latest techniques.

Learn in Japan



Japan ,Aichi prefecture

Period: a month /three months/ half year/ a year

Live in apartment

A half year course and a year course needs working holiday visa or student visa be able to take a class


Term Cost (yen) Details (cost of rent a apartment plus cost of take lesson) Times
1month ¥450,000 ¥50,000 + ¥400,000 72h
3months ¥650,000 ¥150,000 + ¥500,000 216h
6months ¥1,050,000 ¥300,000 + ¥750,000 432h
1year ¥1,950,000 ¥600,000 + ¥1,350,000 864h


School fees, accommodation costs, rental fee for use of teaching materials, airport pick-up and drop-off and issuance of of Calgel diploma


Teaching materials are in English however a translator can be arranged at an additional cost.
Air tickets to and from Japan, food and utility bills are not covered in the above-mentioned fees.
No refund apply.

Kachigawa plaza hotel include breakfast

if you stay in the hotel without meals, be able to cheap.

*A half year course and a year course needs working holiday visa or student visa be able to take a class.

Term Cost (yen) Details (cost of stay in the hotel plus cost of take lesson) Times
1month ¥631,000 ¥231,000 + ¥400,000 7 2h
3months ¥1,106,000 v606,000 + v500,000 216h
6months ¥1,962,000 ¥1,212,000 + ¥750,000 432h
1year ¥3,774,000 ¥2,424,000 + ¥s1,350,000 864h

Hotel charges single room

Breakfast: Not included ¥7,200
Breakfast: Included ¥8,200
*Bigger than a single room ,please tell us that. We estimate it.



entrance fee lesson fee (3days/a week) rent fee of teaching materials fee of staying arrangement hotel charges airport pickup costs(coming and going)
fee of issue diploma of Calgel


Teaching materials except lesson, need translator

Lesson content


  1. What is Calgel?Calgel Nail System.Calgel feature.Calgel equipment.Gel structure.Technical information.Materials set-up.Calgel practical skill.Step1.Client consultation.Step2.Physical preparation.Step3 Chemical preparation.Basic Calgel application (Clear) Basic Calgel application (Colour)
  2. Calgel Flat Art (Marble.Heart design,Flower and leaf design,peacock feather)
  3. Calgel French Gel Application
  4. Calgel Gradation designs
  5. Calgel Sculpture
  6. Tip Overlay with Calgel
  7. Basic Calgel Tefill (preparation) Calgel Home Maintainance.Calgel Removal
  8. Calgel French, Calgel Sculpture, Tip Overlay with Calgel
  9. gel nail arts (Selection from nail gallery)
  10. 3D nail art (Basic)
  11. Flat Art of acrylic paint (Selection from nail gallery)
  12. Acrylic sculpture (Basic)
  13. Acrylic sculpture (Gradation)
  14. How to drill (Preparation)
  15. How to drill (Gel nail Removal)
  16. Air brush (basic)
  17. Air brush (design)
  18. Hand care
  19. nail polish
  20. feet care
  21. foot corneum-removing
  22. hand massage
  23. feet massage
  24. Model training
  25. onychosis

Student voice



Buenos dias un saludo a todas las personas que se esfuerzan para hacer del arte de las unas y la tegnica que cada dia nos ensenan un sueno y una meta para nuetra vida diaria . Yo escoji esta escuela por que para mi es una de las mejores que hay en japon antes de ingresar pense que sino sabia escribir japones no podria pero sin enbargo entre y estudio con muy buenosprofesores aunque con muchas ganas de sacar los diplomas para poder haci hacer de este arte tan lindo algo mas servible para mi vida y haci poderlo mostrar alos demas .muchas gracias por ternos encuenta a nosotros los latinos .ojala que para un futuro sercano puedan darnos un apoyo para los que no sabemos escribir el idioma para poder sacar nuestros diplomas .pero de verdad muy conteta con todo lo que me han ensenado los profesores aichi nail academia



  1. Please fill in application form.
  2. We will send each documents.Please pay the rate and return documents . The payment of the rate would like only the Japanese yen.
  3. Please choose the date and time to visit Japan and get an airline ticket by own selves.
  4. When you settled the date and time to visit Japan, please tell us. We will pick you up from airport by service.



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6-3-6,Matgsushin-cho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan